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Monday, July 21, 2014

Clair Graubner and Judith Farr on collaboration

Painting in Parallel. 

It's the name given to the ongoing painting "conversations" between Clair Graubner and Judith Farr. Though both painters are of English descent, they now reside in different countries. Painting in Parallel is managed via their tumblr blog, and through facebook. 

Listen below as they share their stories detailing the value on the inspiration and support experienced through the sharing of each others works.

 Judith Farr and her two children

 Clair Graubner

Audio chat with the artists:

For more on Painting in Parallel, visit the tumblr blog here: Painting in Parallel

Two of the works in Conversation 4:
2 colours plus black and white.
20 mins per stage.
Fast and furious. No time for doubts. This convo is a modern one in the style of electronic texting or tweeting!

 Stage two (finished)
by Clair Graubner

 Stage one (finished)
by Judith Farr