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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Becca Shaw Glaser shares her poetry, and speaks on activism and Black Lives Matter

Mid Coast Maine poet, artist, and activist Becca Shaw Glaser joins ahttakes for this episode. Becca reads some of her poetry dealing with sexuality, connection and uncertain optimism. She also shares her thoughts on the importance of activism and feeling called to act on pressing issues facing us now, especially the Black Lives Matter movement. Listen below...(some strong language.)

Audio interview (strong language):

Becca Shaw Glaser read her poems as follows:
The Planet of Lost Things
So Humans
Dick Pics


 Mentioned in the interview: 

Anti-Capitalist Love Notes
Karen Finley
Diamanda Galas
Allen Ginsberg
Gil Scott-Heron
Kathy Acker
Jim Crow
Alicia Garza
Idle No More

 All artwork featured on this post done by Becca Shaw Glaser

Selected online published writing by Becca:


Thank you for listening! 


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