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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stephen Wright on Provisional Painting

Provisional painting? Noticed by Rafael Rubinstein in 2009? After further investigation, dubbed “the New Casualists” by Sharon Butler?

This “Provisional Painting,” and the way it has been executed, has been the subject of several articles recently circling the internet. This sensibility is said to produce works that are “dashed-off” and has been pointed to as “unfinished” and also that these works are an “utter failure.” So, what is it anyway? Why the buzz if it’s results are so “self-canceling?”

Here is an audio account on how all of this struck, painter, Stephen Wright. Listen to his take from a recent conversation I had with him. He has a different response to what he has seen of these developments. (some strong language).

(appearing in the audio clip, is the Red House Painters song "Funhouse")

 Stephen Wright
photo: Lorna Milburn

Below are links to three articles covering Provisional Painting:

Art in America. Provisional Painting by Raphael Rubinstein. May 2009

Two Coats of Paint. The Casualist Tendency by Sharon Butler. February 2014

Abstract Critical. Provisional Painting, Three Hypotheses by Alan Pocaro. February 2014

Also, Painters' Table has assembled a great link list to other articles. Worth a look: Painters' Table

Stephen Wright's tumblr blog: ghost fire

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