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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Andy Anello on Leslie Hewitt

Photographer, Andy Anello, talks with me about the "Riffs on Real Time" photographic series by Leslie Hewitt. We talk scale, formal qualities, physicality of photo as object, Hewitt's influence on Anello, and he also helps the painter in me get a little closer to understanding the concerns that photographers deem important. Listen in for more!

Leslie Hewitt
 Riffs on Real Time (7 of 10), 2006–09. 
Chromogenic print, 30 × 24 inches (76.2 × 61 cm)

 Andy Anello

Leslie Hewitt's website: Leslie Hewitt

Andy Anello's website: Andy Anello

A short three minute video of Hewitt discussing her work:

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