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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Re: Bon Iver | A podcast discussion

Bon Iver has 3 studio albums out: For Emma, Forever Ago - direct, warm, and moody, rustic. Self-titled album - somehow finding the way, green, optimistic though realistic.  
22, A Million - with it's experimental mindfulness. 
Just to say a few words for each. 

So, we are close to the one month mark of the Bon Iver release of 22, A Million. I feel it's settling in nicely. 

The desire to put this podcast episode (audio player below) together was born on September 9th. That was when I sent an email to Kevin inviting him to be on the podcast. He accepted. 

The first chat recording was with Richard on October 8th. Between that I worked on some Bon Iver inspired collages which you can see in this post. These collages were made using paper shapes that were composed on my scanner/printer, no glue, just in the moment and they now only exist in the digital form. They were carefully orchestrated in the placement of the visual elements, textures, and color. Not unlike the audio arrangements found in this new effort by Bon Iver.

The chat with Sabine was the third and final recorded conversation on October 19th.

Then began the final editing. Editing. Editing. And here it is. Here we are.

The ingredients in this podcast:
Responses to the music. 
Insights into what is going on here. 
Some of the backstory. 
Where is this album 22, A Million taking us?
And more. 

So here are the three conversations I had with 3 friends, all in one neat little audio player: 

I feel that 22, A Million is many things, and it changes on me every time I listen to it. Bon Iver's music has been very important to me over the years.

I'm grateful for the listens, so thank you. And I can't thank Sabine, Kevin, and Richard enough. Mainly because they gave me the chance to talk Bon Iver with them, something I have wanted to do in this format for quite some time. Cheers, Phillip J. Mellen.

 Sabine Tress 
Painting website

 Richard Fonseca
Heavy Metal Textbooks blog
Kevin Fernandes

More on Bon Iver:

Daytrotter session from July 21st 2008

Holocene (Satchmode Remix) - Satchmode on Soundcloud

The Blessed, Cursed Life of Bon Iver. article, The New York Times. September 21, 2016

Designing Bon Iver's 22, A Million: An Interview with Eric Timothy Carlson. Walker Art Center. October 3, 2016

YouTube findings:

Drawing to Bon Iver. 22, A Million

In the Studio: Bon Iver. SPIN. August, 11, 2011 

Holocene: How Bon Iver creates a mood. August 18, 2016 





*JUST ADDED to the blog* 

A follow-up episode: Re: Bon Iver | 22, A Million - 1 (Million) Year Later. 

Kevin Fernandes returns, also Kate Venturini joins me to talk about 22, A Million - 1 Year Later.

Join us over at the new post as we talk about our reactions to the album after listening since it was released. Do we feel the same, or different? Stand-out songs? Lyrics? Are all talked about, and more...check out the audio post here: Re: Bon Iver | 22, A Million - 1 (Million) Year Later





  1. Well done. I enjoyed listening to it very much, and now feel inspired to listen to the album again. I hope Justin comes across this!

    1. Many thanks, TreehuggerV! I've been listening again after a brief vacation from the music. The album is growing more special to me with each visit. How is it growin' on you?