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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Re: Bon Iver | 22, A Million - 1 (Million) Year Later

On the 30th of September 2016 Bon Iver released the 22, A Million album. It seems to have had a lasting impression, especially on my guests, Kate Venturini, and Kevin Fernandes. 

This here post is a follow-up to the 22, A Million discussion I put together last October. 

So we are close to the 1 year mark of the release, how does the album sit with you? Still in rotation? Favorite tracks? 

Take a listen below to hear what Kate, Kevin, and myself have to say about this strange yet beautiful album, one year later. 

I hope you enjoy this, thanks! 

Phillip J. Mellen.

Collage created by Phillip, inspired by the album.

Audio conversations:

 The guests:

Kate Venturini of icky woods

 Kevin Fernandes of Lazertuth

Collage created by Phillip, inspired by the album.

Bon Iver YouTube findings:


Thank you for listening!


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