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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Nick LeBlanc shares his written work, thoughts on Identity, and talks arts community in New Bedford, Massachusetts - All in 3-D!

Nick LeBlanc, writer based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and I finally connected for an interview. This was an inspirational conversation for me which sparked a few days of writing and thinking following our talk. 
During this ahttakes episode you'll hear Nick read two of his written pieces, leading to a rich discussion on the topic of identity. Nick also shares some details on his sound collage project album titled MAKE JAZ. Lots of layering of music, and samples featuring some voices you may in fact recognize. (I included a few snippets in this one for ya!)
And closing out the conversation is a celebration of the downtown New Bedford writing and theater community, please stick around for the mention of a some events coming up in the next few weeks. Listen below...(some strong language, just a heads-up.). Thank you Nick!

 Nick LeBlanc in his free-range writing studio

Audio interview: 

LeBlanc's MAKE JAZ on bandcamp: MAKE JAZ

Domesticated Primate on instagram: @domprimpub
Anomaly Poetry on instagram: @anomaly.poetry
The Collective NB on instagram: @thecollectivenb
Gallery X on instagram: @galleryxnb1990
Co-Creative Center on instagram: @cocreativecenter
Seek these out, lots of events in the coming weeks...including Domesticated Primate's call for 'holiday' written pieces!

One of the must experience events, featuring Nick's play FIDO, coming up soon!....

Shout-outs/mentions to Creatives in the community:
Dena Haden
Sarah Mulvey
Andy Tedesco
Joshua Botelho
Kevin Mitchell
Joanna Tomasz
Brandon Cabral

*Please pardon if I missed any.

Mentioned in this episode:
Mary Oliver
Alan Watts
Animal Collective
David Bowie
David Lynch
Bob Dylan
Samuel Beckett
Stephen Nachmanovitch - Free Play
William Stafford - A Ritual to Read to Each Other
Joey Coco Diaz
Terrance McKenna
The Big Lebowski
H.P. Lovecraft
Samuel French

 Thanks for listening!


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